Whether you're putting together a portfolio to sell your home or creating an orthographic survey, our team has got you covered. We are passionate about creating high-quality marketable footage that stands out from the crowd. 



2D Mapping

New technology and software has become the driving force in today's development and construction industry.  With dedicated drone overflight of land and acreage, we now have the capability of providing 2D Orthographic maps in near real time capability. 

With the added benefit of GPS technology and accuracy, we also have the capacity to calculate area computations, straight line distance, and volumetric analysis.  For even greater accuracy, Ground Control Points can be added to reflect 100% survey grade mapping.  All of this is done at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional satellite or aircraft overflight.

Because this is data is cloud based, you may also share the information with any stakeholder and include pertinent annotations and data sets.

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Roof Inspection

Storm damage?  Lost a shingle?  Want to know the condition of a roof or find that troublesome leak? Can't see the HVAC Unit?

A quick flight over the house can reveal any number of issues that might go unnoticed.  From the condition of the chimney, to assessing the damage from a storm, or just getting a quick overview before purchasing a home, we're able to document the condition of the roof quickly and safely.

House Showcase

Looking to sell and advertise your home or business? We offer a one-of-a-kind package that makes your property stand out like none other. We start by mixing outdoor drone footage with indoor photos and videos of your property, combining them to make a cinematic masterpiece that can be found nowhere else. We will cater to your wants and needs to conceptualize everything to your vision. 


Through photogrammetry, elevation calculations are possible allowing users to determine nearest tree height, structure height, antenna and power line requirements, and even lake bed and stormwater run off requirements.

3D Modeling

Photogrammetry is the calculation of distances and elevation through the use of photos.  By flying the drone overhead in specific patterns and stitching the photos together, software algorithms are capable of providing 3D models of the captured environment.

Not only will you have the ability to see how far away an object is, but if you'd like to know the elevation along a straight line, it's all in the data.  Want to calculate the storm water run off pond volume?  Not a problem.  Scope and size of aggregate required for development?  Not a problem.  Volume calculations are now performed in a fraction of the time it once took ground based surveyors.

Want to share it with a coworker?  Not a problem.  All annotations, volumes, notes, and other pertinent markings are easily shared with other stakeholders.

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Benefits of Drone Photography Services for Businesses


There is nothing quite like aerial drone footage to make your business really stand out. Drones are becoming more popular for use in marketing, project consultation, construction and mapping. In the past, the footage was shot from planes and helicopters, but the result was mostly unusable due to the poor quality. Our highly evolved drones take superior video and photos that you will be proud to present to clients or investors.

Professional Results

It seems like everyone has a drone these days, so wouldn’t it make sense to buy one and take the footage yourself? Drone operation is not as easy as one might think. There are regulations that you must comply with when flying a drone, and if you break the rules it comes with a hefty fine. Flying a drone also takes practice, and that’s why hiring a professional drone operator will save you time and money.

Many Uses for Aerial Footage

Aerial footage can benefit your business in many ways. For instance, if you’re selling your home we can provide you with the film of the home and the surrounding neighborhood. The footage is a great way to highlight specific things about the neighborhood like safe streets, green belts and the house that’s for sale. Roofing contractors can use our services to easily check the condition of a client’s roof and chimney. This is a safe and cost-effective way to survey the building.

3D Modeling and Photogrammetry

Along with our drone photography services, we also provide a great way to represent distances to be used for 3D models, which is ideal for land developers, transportation engineers and planners. The images that we take can be placed in brochures, presentations, video ads and online to promote your products or ideas.


We have a fast turnaround time for all of your drone photography needs, so contact us today for a quote!

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