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Drone Roof Inspection

Although the first unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), a balloon carrier, was used in 1849, the first modern unmanned drone, the Tadiran Mastiff of Israel, was launched into the skies by the Israeli Air Force and successfully piloted in 1975.


When we think of a drone, many people think of relatively small quadcopters with high-definition cameras, remote controls, and widespread consumer availability. This type of drones became widely available for the first time in 2014, used primarily for recreation or taking pictures and videos.


At Altitude Photography, we take full advantage of the market's most high-tech drones to take industry-leading pictures of your land, buildings, homes, and other pieces of realty to help you justify an increased sales price and garner more interest in your pieces.


Another service that our team commonly provides with the help of drones is that of commercial and residential roof inspection. Let's take a look at a few of the many benefits of using drones to inspect roofs.

We Don't Have To Walk On Your Home

Traditional roof home inspectors and roofers are forced to climb ladders or elevate themselves in cherry-pickers to reach the roofs of buildings and houses alike. Not only that, but they then have to walk all over these roofs in order to carry out inspections.


This could result in damage to your roof. For example, the ladders used to access your roof might cause damage to the gutters, or shingle damage can occur from people walking on the roof.


Unlike these traditional service providers for roof inspections, our drone roof inspection service at Altitude Photography drastically decreases the likelihood that your roof, gutters, chimney, or other parts of your house's upper tier get damaged.

We Save You Money

Most roof inspections take at least 30 minutes to carry out for small residential buildings. They can last for hours on commercial buildings and larger residences. However, our drone roof inspections only take a few minutes at most. We spend more time talking to our clients and providing them with our analysis than we do surveying the roof's surface with our drones. This can save you money as well as time.

Fewer Interruptions

Drones can weave their way in and out of limbs and other obstacles. As such, we'll experience fewer interruptions than traditional roof inspectors, which also helps you save both time and money.

A Safer Method of Roof Inspection

Even if you just want to check your own roof for storm damage or the source of leaks, don’t put yourself at risk by climbing up onto your roof! Let us handle it the easy way.


Our drone roof inspection in Asheville, Charlotte and the surrounding areas gives you a safe, fast and efficient way to find out the condition of your roof and where the trouble spots may be. Contact us today to schedule our services.

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