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We are Atlanta's premier aerial photography/drone photography company. We are Altitude Photography.

Areas we serve in Atlanta: 



East Point

Druid Hills


College Park 




Mountain View



We offer a wide array of services in the Atlanta area. Our team uses only the latest in drone technology, so you can expect nothing short of professional results. In addition, we are consistent: We aim to make our customers 100% satisfied with the results, each and every time you use our services.

Services We Offer

  • 2D Mapping: In the past, 2D aerial images were taken via satellite and/or aircraft overflight. Now, thanks to drone technology, this can be accomplished considerably faster and much cheaper.

  • Roof Inspection: Good roof condition is very important to homeowners but conducting inspections has historically been a laborious and potentially dangerous job. With our roof inspection service, we can replace the human element with a drone, and eliminate the difficult and dangerous aspects of the job.

  • House Showcase: Are you thinking about selling your home? We can shoot a cinematic masterpiece of your property by combining outdoor drone footage with interior photos/videos. Buyers will be instantly drawn to this one-of-a-kind showcase presentation, saving you time and effort and getting results faster.

  • Elevation Studies: Our team has the ability, through photogrammetry technology, to determine the elevation of objects such as trees, antennas, power lines, lake beds and the like. This ensures you can maintain compliance with any rules and regulations regarding these structures.

  • 3D Modeling: In the past, 3D modeling was done by surveyors, but now this service can be completed much more efficiently using our photogrammetry technology. By flying a drone overhead in specific patterns and stitching the photos together, software algorithms can provide 3D models of the captured environment. Need to calculate the storm water runoff pond volume, or scope and size of aggregate required for development? We’ve got you covered.

  • And More: If you can think of a use for drone photography, such as capturing aerial footage of a special event or shooting aerial images for tourism brochures, we can help bring that idea to life in a beautiful way.

Save time. Save Money. Eliminate frustration. Keep Altitude Photography in mind as your first choice for all your aerial photography needs in the Miami area. Contact us today for a quote.

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