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2D/3D Drone Mapping

More popularly known as drones, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are defined as any flying vehicle that can be operated remotely or can operate themselves without any humans onboard. At Altitude Photography, we make use of professional-grade drones to help clients in the construction industry with 2D and 3D drone mapping services.

Why Drones?

In the past, drones have almost exclusively been used by military forces around the world to conduct surveillance in remote areas and launch missile attacks without putting soldiers and other military personnel at direct risk.


That all changed in 2014, when consumer drones became cheap and widely-available enough to be purchased by virtually anybody. These drones are used for recreation, racing, taking pictures, and capturing videos. At Altitude Photography, we use professional-quality drones for our 2D and 3D mapping and other aerial photography services.


While individuals across the globe and especially in the United States continue to be fascinated by small, consumer-capacity drones for recreation and hobby use, professionals like the team at Altitude Photography use drones to map out areas of land, water, or combinations of both.

The Many Uses of Drones for Mapping and Surveying

Photogrammetry is the technical term for creating maps and surveying the Earth's surface using photographs. Take the United States Transportation Department, for example. It uses photogrammetry to:

  • plan out sites

  • create topographic maps, which are those that display elevation; and

  • estimate how much dirt, rock, and debris would have to be moved to properly pave roadways, among a handful of other applications.


Here at Altitude Photography, we provide drone mapping services to fulfill all of these applications and many more. Our drones take the highest-quality video rolls, from which still images can be selected to suit the needs of your particular project or purpose.

Why Is Photogrammetry A Preferred Method Of Surveying And Mapping?

Photogrammetry offers many benefits and advantages. The condition of land, water, grass, and other plants in hard-to-reach areas can be tracked using images and video taken from drones. People can submit these photos to government agencies that concern themselves with environmental studies, or share them online with researchers who can use them to measure changes in the environment over time.


Using drones to map and survey areas is also far less expensive than alternative methods. Further, less time is consumed using drones than with traditional land-based surveying practices, reserving more time for people to do what is most important in their lives and jobs.


Contact us today to learn more about our drone mapping services or to get a quote.

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